CANUN Rock Drill Repair Program

This program includes; Inspection, report and repairing of customer’s rock drill(s), either individual drills or on a contract for the drill fleet.

Each drill is inspected and a diagnostic report is issued detailing the apparent cause of failure, e.g., normal wear & tear, lubrication, etc.

A cost estimate for labour, repair of parts and new parts is prepared and submitted for approval. Upon receipt of approval, repair is completed. A cost estimate is prepared and if the amount is higher than a predetermined cost the customer is contacted for approval prior to completion of repair.

The repaired drill is returned, complete with a CANUN Bench Test Report, plus any recommendations for operational or maintenance changes based upon the findings of our technicians.

The repaired drill is warranted against defects in material and workmanship for 90 days.

Drill Fleet Contract; Under a drill fleet contract, labour charges are set at a flat rate per drill regardless of condition. On-site Technical support to review operational and drill maintenance programs is provided at no extra cost.


Canun’s Technical Service Representatives have the training, the experience, the tools and the quality parts needed to support your preventative maintenance programs and to maintain the performance built into your Canun equipment.

Repairs & Maintenance

Improve the life of your S83, S36, and S250 rock drills with CanunServiceParts.

These parts are manufactured to the same exacting standards as Canun Series 260 rock drills. This means higher productivity, improved performance and potentially greater profits.

Additional Advantages Are:

1. Repair by knowledgeable technicians who understand the complexities of the pneumatic rock drill, using advanced diagnostic and service equipment.


2. Allows the drill owner to focus upon what they do best, production and CANUN to do what they do best, produce and repair quality rock drills.

Need advice? Have questions?

CANUN technical representatives and engineering staff are available for consultation and we invite you to put our expertise to the test.

Site visits can be arranged if you’d like to take a look at our facilities and in house training is also available. We have on hand a library
of technical information that includes our ‘Drill Doctor’s Handbook: a Manual of Established Practices and Practical Suggestions for Maintenance and Repair of Airleg, Sinker and Stoper Rock Drills.