Rock Drills

Rock Drills are designed for drilling blast and rock splitting holes. These lightweight and versatile drills are able to provide the power necessary for various drilling operations without the need of a large compressor. 

Often utilized in areas particularly difficult to drill in, Rock Drills can save valuable time when completing task as larger drills require large space to accomplish similar outcomes. Rock Drills are an excellent choice for those who require the combined strength and skill, in a compact, easy to transport package.

Jackleg Drill

CANUN 260B Jackleg Drill

Stoper Drill

CANUN 260B Stoper Drill

Sinker Drill

CANUN 260B Sinker Drill

Screen Pusher

CANUN CANPUSH51 Screen Pusher

Quarry Drill

CANUN 260B Quarry Drill

Retractable Airleg

CANUN A755A51 51″, CANUN A755B 39″, CANUN A755A30 30″ 

Parts & Accessories

Various CANUN Parts & Accesories

Repair Shop Tools

CANUN 260B Quarry Drill

Reconditioned Drills 

All CANUN reconditioned drills are reconditioned to CANUN’s high quality standards,
and warrantied for 90 days.


All Reconditioned drills are reconditioned and inspected by CANUN rock drill technicians.


CANUN is typically able to ship your order the same day. With a large selection of in-stock inventory, our Val Caron warehouse is able to fill 95% of all customer orders from inventory. Should we not have a part in stock, CANUN will provide a scheduled delivery date, so you will know exactly when to expect it. If you are ordering multiple complete drills, CANUN will also schedule a delivery date based on the quantity required by your company.


CANUN Service Parts are used to repair CANUN 260B drills as well as the Boart S250 and the PHQ S250 model drills.